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In a class by herself, a distinctive approach, all her own. FemArtNYC aka Eu Gina Daniels is a self proclaimed artist who grew up in multicultural Brooklyn and now resides in multicultural Manhattan’s Harlem – A haven for successful and struggling artists. Her inspiration is derived from a spiritual connection to the essence of life surrounding her. Besides the joy of painting, she is a multifaceted artist who also adds singing, song-writing and producing music to her claim. Univer-souly speaking, utilizing different self-expressions of words, selective sounds and art-stories to purposely convey life messages from a therapeutic soul that is sure to breathe inner life support into those open to her move-mentality. Her primary objective is to bring discussions of spirituality to the forefront, to heighten awareness in an imaginative, creative manner. Different Strokes for Different Souls. She is…

“The Soul Advocate.”


(Meet Inner Passion & Purpose)

“I love music and art because it gives me a bit of reality, creativity and fantasy to narrate my own “Inner Truth: Garden Stories” -Fem Art NYC

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