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Don’t Judge My Choices If You Don’t Understand My Reasons.

In a class by herself, a distinctive approach, all her own. Eu Gina Daniels “FemArtNYC” is a self proclaimed artist who grew up in multicultural Brooklyn and now resides in multicultural Manhattan’s Harlem – A haven for successful and struggling artists. Her inspiration is derived from a spiritual connection to the essence of life surrounding the inner and outer layers/levels of “Light, Darkness and Love.” Besides the joy of painting, she is a multifaceted artist who also adds singing, song/poetry-writing and producing music to her claim. Intuitively speaking from the soul; utilizing different styles of self-expression, selective sounds/tones and art-stories to convey life messages from a therapeutic soul that is sure to breathe inner life support into those open to her move-mentality. Her primary objective is to bring discussions of spirituality to the forefront, to heighten Self-Awareness in an imaginative, creative manner. Most importantly, she is having the time of her life going within and discovering that ALL scar tissue(s) each have it’s own unique healing power. The first relevant step is: Learning when and how to apply your self. (A dead giveaway) 😉 Only you will know when it is time to take that life changing first step.

Most of the articles, I have chosen to include in my website are from other website blogs that I have found to be quite interesting, filled with enlightenment and valuable enough to give it an additional platform to stand out on. I absolutely love researching and reading anything that I feel is a very good source of empowerment and comfort.

Mind your health in the most effective way-for you!

Take what your soul needs, discard the rest.

{All of my recordings (many that have yet to be exposed) are written and recorded by me (FemArtNYC). Many on the same day even, for, I am easily open to receive, at any given time. My soul passionately speaks. I take what ever (and how ever) the soul message(s) are presented to me and give it my own personal, creative flair. In regards to my paintings, as I’d like to refer to them as my “Inner Life In Color” collection. Not only do they have a personal story to tell me but a vivid one, at that!  It has been (3) years since my last art expression, for, which, my inner song has been the soul calling, for a period of time.  My (2) babies are considered the perfect “all purpose” soul cleanser! They work wonders for my overall mental health. I never thought in a million years I would get to a point of self- gratification and I owe it all to the one and only, “Ultimate” Creator (Jehovah) for everything I am and will continue to grow into. I am in awe with my journey ! Keep a look out for fresh new Art expression being pushed to the forefront, in 2016. I sense there will be lots of wonder and colors galore giving birth. It gives me great pleasure to share this “wide open” experience with you all, while, taking it one “interesting” season at a time. I truly enjoy what I do with my “Me” time and the amazing feeling I get, as a result of following it through, to the point of enjoying my inner peace. -And so, with a heap of awesome self-love, be You Un-Apologetically! 

What’s next for FemArtNYC? A “telling it like it was” novel. Hey, why not? 😉

 “The Soul Advocate”

I Give You VarieTee:

Different Strokes for Different Souls.


(Meet Inner Passion & Purpose)

“I love music and art because it gives me a bit of reality, creativity and fantasy to narrate my own “Inner Truth: Garden Stories”

-Fem Art NYC

God Is In Control!

Be Blessed!