About FemArtNYC


In a class by herself, a distinctive approach, all her own. Eu Gina Daniels “FemArtNYC” is a self proclaimed artist who grew up in multicultural Brooklyn and now resides in multicultural Manhattan’s Harlem – A haven for successful and struggling artists. Her inspiration is derived from a spiritual connection to the essence of life surrounding the inner and outer layers/levels of “Light & Darkness.” Besides the joy of painting, she is a multifaceted artist who also adds singing, song/poetry-writing and producing music to her claim. Univer-souly speaking, utilizing different self-expressions of words, selective sounds and art-stories to convey life messages from a therapeutic soul that is sure to breathe inner life support into those open to her move-mentality. Her primary objective is to bring discussions of spirituality to the forefront, to heighten Self-Awareness in an imaginative, creative manner.

Different Strokes for Different Souls.

“The Soul Advocate.”


(Meet Inner Passion & Purpose)

“I love music and art because it gives me a bit of reality, creativity and fantasy to narrate my own “Inner Truth: Garden Stories”

-Fem Art NYC