The Express Lane


 “Express Yourself. Never Be Afraid To Show Your Happiness.”

“Art Is The Most Intense Mode Of Individualism That The World Has Known.”

“Sing, Dance, Laugh, Create, Share, Celebrate!”

“Art Enables Us To Find Ourselves And Lose Ourselves At The Same Time.”

“Without Self Expression, Life Lacks Spontaneity And Joy. Without Service To Others, It Lacks Meaning And Purpose. ~Lawrence G.B.”

“Be Yourself, Because An Original Is Worth More Than A Copy.”

“Express Yourself Without Apologizing.”

“To Me, Clothing Is A Self-Expression – There Are Hints About Who You Are In What You Wear.~ Mark Jacobs”

“The Desire To Create Is One Of The Deepest Yearning Of The Human Soul.

~Elder Uchtdorf”

“We Have To Take The Whole Universe As The Expression Of The One Self. Only Our Love Flows To All Beings And Creatures In The World Equally.

~Swami Ramdas”


(In The Garden-Work)

Inside every one of us is a garden, and each practitioner has to go back and take care of it. Maybe in the past, you left it unattended for a long time. You should know exactly what is going on in your own garden and try to put everything in order. Restore the beauty; restore the harmony in your garden. Many people will enjoy your garden if it’s well tended.

~Thich Nhat Hanh